Attic Inspection Reminder
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We have received feedback from several residents regarding the ongoing attic inspection process.  Parkfairfax staff has hand delivered access notices including schedules and admission slips to only units that have attics. These were delivered over a 3 week period last month.  Although these notices were individually addressed, we are hearing that some owners/residents did not receive them. If you did not receive notice and do have an attic, please refer to the 2 attachments which both provide building numbers and addresses of the affect units.  If you have any concerns about access, i.e. pet or would prefer to be present when we enter, please contact the Jennifer Jett-Bowling at 703-578-3427 or email her: to make alternate arrangements.

Buildium Notice Wards 2 4 5 weeks 3-4                 Buildium Notice Wards 2 3 4 5 weeks 5-6

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