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Community Landscaping will begin to do several turf restoration projects this week in several areas of the property where underground drain and sewer work had been done previously over the past 5 months. Then, beginning Monday, April the 15th and continuing through Wednesday, April the 17th,  (weather permitting), Community Landscaping will begin our bi-annual turf treatments in various locations.  Please note that we will be using both liquid and granules in this round. The fertilizer is Prodiamine Pro 0-0-7 and the herbicide is Cool Power Selective Herbicide.  The liquid, Cool Power will dry within 2 to 3 hours and the Prodiamine Pro granules will slowly dissolve into the soil. Areas will be marked with small signage, but to be safe we recommend that you keep your pets and children off for 24 hours. Both products SDS sheets can be found on our website, under the landscaping tab.


Areas where turf restoration will be done in this first round:


Ward 1:   Building 401

Ward 2:   Buildings 306-312, 514 and 521

Ward 4:   Buildings 808-810 and 822-828

Ward 5:   Buildings 804-806


Additional locations will be done in the following weeks and we will post notices for those at that time.


Areas that have been identified to be treated within this time frame. 


Ward 1:

Buildings 501-550, Valley, Gunston and Martha Custis, fronts only

Buildings 602-608, Valley, both front and rear

Buildings 401-405, Martha Custis, both front and rear


Ward 2:

Buildings 302-317, Preston and Martha Custis, fronts only

Buildings 901-936, Gunston, fronts only


Ward 3:

Buildings 101-117, Beverly, Wellington and Gunston, fronts and open rear areas

Buildings 701-738, Valley and Gunston, both fronts and rears will be treated


Ward 4:

Buildings 211-230, Quaker Lane, Valley, Martha Custis and Preston, fronts and open rear areas

Buildings 808-850, Valley and Martha Custis, fronts and open rear areas only


Ward 5:

Buildings 931-970, MT. Eagle, fronts and open rears

Buildings 201-209, Quaker, Preston and Martha Custis, fronts and open rear areas


Please contact the office at 703-998-6315 with any questions.


Thank you

Parkfairfax Management Team

Turf Fert and Pre-Emergent Notice 04.15 – 04.17.19

Broadleaf Notice 04.15 – 04.17.19

Cool Power

Lebanon Pro .38 Prodiamine SDS

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