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Parkfairfax is governed by a Declaration, By-Laws and Resolutions.

The Declaration defines the units, common and limited common elements on the property to provide for the basis for allocation of percentage ownership interest, voting of allocation basis the and membership association, the obligation of each owner to share in funding the cost of association operations, and the power, authority, and responsibility of the association in its operations and in making and enforcing rules.

The Bylaws provide for the governance of the Condominium pursuant to the requirements of Article 3 of the Condominium Act. It implements, in specific detail, the provisions of the Declaration and the Articles of Incorporation regarding the association operations, including delineation of the meeting process, election procedures, powers and duties, board meetings, committees, insurance requirements, rule-making and enforcement process.

Resolutions are regulations that have been passed by the Board of Directors for all such acts and things that are not described in the Condominium Act, the Declaration or by the Bylaws.