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Welcome to Parkfairfax
You are now part of a unique community of 1,684 units in 132 landscaped and wooded acres. This community began as rental units constructed to meet World War II civilian housing needs. In 1978, Parkfairfax was converted to a condominium and is now home for people of all interests, occupations, and ages. Among the amenities Parkfairfax offers are three swimming pools, two volleyball courts, a basketball court, seven tennis courts, an exercise facility, tot lots, a party room, a car wash/maintenance yard, laundry rooms, and woodland trails.

Getting Started as a Parkfairfax Resident

  1. Watch the Welcome Videos 
  2. Confirm that the front office has a working copy of the key to your condominium (for maintenance and emergency use) and that a copy of your lease or settlement statement is on file (required by the Bylaws).
  3. Get your access card. This picture ID provides access to the maintenance yard, pools, and fitness center. There is a charge of $30 payable by check or money order. Application for Access Card.
  4. Register your pets. If you have more than one, the second one must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  5. Register your bicycles if you plan to store them in the laundry/storage rooms. They must be secured to an available bike rack.
  6. Read a recent issue of the condominium newsletter, the Parkfairfax Forum, an excellent resource for both new and established residents.

A little terminology
Parkfairfax is divided into units and Common Elements. All areas outside the individual units are Common Elements. These include the land, building structures and the utility infrastructure. Some elements are designated as Limited Common Elements for the exclusive use of individual unit owners. These include patios (the area extending 20 feet to the rear of ground floor units), attics and assigned storage spaces. Common Element areas are maintained by the Association and Limited Common Elements are generally maintained by the resident.

A few general guidelines
Parkfairfax is governed by Administrative and Policy Resolutions. A complete listing of all resolutions can be found in the association office or on our web site at Governing Documents

Parking  There are no reserved parking places in Parkfairfax; parking is available on all public streets.

Lyons Lane, Holmes Lane, Coryell Lane, and Fitzgerald Lane are Parkfairfax property and considered Common Elements, as are the small off-street parking cul-de-sacs on main streets. You may park in any space available but there is a limit of one car or truck per unit on Common Elements.

Pets  Parkfairfax is a pet-friendly community, however, some rules apply to pet ownership. Always clean up after your pet and dispose of waste at your unit OR in the pet waste receptacles found throughout Parkfairfax.

Cats and dogs must be either carried or restrained on a leash. They must be registered with the management office and have a City license. You are allowed one pet per unit unless you petition the board for additional pets. See Pet Policy for more complete information. 

Making changes to your unit  If you decide to make serious changes to your unit such as adding a patio or removing a wall, you must complete a covenants application and submit it to the Covenants Committee. Your application will be reviewed by association staff and committee members. The Covenants Committee will vote on your application at its monthly meeting. (Note: If you are making changes to the building structure, you will also need City permits.) For a complete list of projects and applications, see Covenants Specifications.

Landscape  Major planting and landscaping projects generally need prior approval of the Covenants Committee. However, residents may plant an area up to 10 feet on the side and front of their units 30 days prior to receiving approval if the area does not cross a sidewalk and your unit has adjacent ground area.

Landscaping crews maintain the Common Elements and will also trim plants and remove leaves from unit areas unless the Limited Common Element is marked with yellow stakes, which are available from the office. Placing these stakes around your garden indicates that you will do all landscape maintenance including mulching, fertilizing, raking leaves and pruning.

Items such as sheds, excessive outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, and trash cans are not permitted at any time. Items such as patio furniture and potted plants are allowed on stoops, breezeways, and patios.
More detailed information can be found at Landscape Information.

Trash pick-up  Help keep your Parkfairfax beautiful by following the trash pick-up rules. Trash is picked up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Recycling is picked up on Wednesday. Recycled items should not be put into plastic bags. Use boxes or paper bags only. Trash and recycling should be placed outside your unit door before 7 a.m. Do not put trash/recycling out the night before or on Sundays. Do not carry it to the street or other areas of Parkfairfax. If you miss a trash pickup, take the trash to the Maintenance Yard. There is no trash pick-up on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day. See Trash Policy for complete trash removal guidelines.

Useful Things to Know

Governance  The community is self-governed by the Parkfairfax Condominium Unit Owners Association (PCUOA) and managed by Barkan Management Company. The PCUOA is comprised of all unit owners and a Board of Directors—nine elected directors, including four at-large positions and one representing each of five wards. Volunteer committees advise the board and management on relevant issues. Regulations must be followed by everyone: renters, guests, and owners. Regular Board meetings take place on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Board room at the condominium office (3360 Gunston Road). See Useful Terminology to better understand governance.  

Committees  There are nine active committees: Activities, Architectural Planning Board, Buildings and Utilities, Community Outreach, Covenants, Finance, Landscape, Recreation, and Transportation and Land Use.  Committee meetings are open to all residents. Their meeting times and dates can be found on the calendar in the newsletter, and at Parkfairfax Calendar. For more information on what each committee does, how you can participate, and who to contact, Committees.

Maintenance Questions/Problems  If you have a maintenance problem, enter a work order in the Buildium system. If you are unsure who is responsible for fixing the problem, call one of the Service Coordinators at (703) 998-6315 to report the issue. The coordinator will let know if you or the Association is responsible for the maintenance and repair.

Unit Services Program (USP)  Many common maintenance problems can be repaired under the USP; repairs are scheduled through the front office, and the unit resident is not required to be present. For additional information, go the USP page.

Snow Removal  Snow removal is provided by the Association for streets and primary sidewalks; residents must remove snow on sidewalks and stoops adjoining their units. Special assistance is available to the elderly and any incapacitated resident if a request form is submitted each year.

Where to get information

  • Parkfairfax Forum – a monthly newsletter that is available in digital and print format. Residents who wish to receive the newsletter in print should contact the Association office and make a request. A print copy will be mailed monthly. Governance and management contact information appears in every issue, as does a map of all amenities and facilities, a calendar of activities and a list of volunteer committees.
  • Management office – located at 3360 Gunston Road; phone is (703) 998-6315
  • Management Company – Click Here.

For more information and forms, go to the Resource tab on the Home Page.