Updated Community Wide Fall Turf Treatment, Aeration and Over Seeding
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Due to all the wet weather we had delayed the Fall turf treatment program.

Beginning Monday, October the 8th and continuing through Friday, October the 12th, (weather permitting), Community Landscaping will perform our second bi-annual turf treatments in various locations. This round will concentrate on fronts, some rears and large open grass areas.  Based on the amount of broadleaf weeds that have inundated the property we have added a second application of product along with the fertilization. Please note that we will be using both spray, Fiesta (weed control) and a granular product, Growmark FS 30-0-8 which is a slow release fertilizer which will help in promoting new growth in conjunction with the annual turf core aeration and over seeding to be done beginning on Monday, October the 22nd and continuing to Thursday, October the 25th.   Signs will mark the areas. We ask that you keep pets off the areas off the areas for 4 to 6 hours to allow the liquid to fully dry.  SDS sheets can be found on our website, under the Landscaping Information tab.

Below is a list of areas that have been identified to be treated within this time frame. 

October 8th Ward 1:

Buildings 501-550, Valley, Gunston, Martha Custis, Lyons, Greenway and Holmes, both fronts & rears

Buildings 602-608, Valley, both fronts & rears

Buildings 401-405, Martha Custis, both fronts & rears


October 9th Ward 2:

Buildings 302-317, Preston and Martha Custis, both fronts & rears

Buildings 901-936, Gunston both front and rears, Fitzgerald fronts only.


October 10th Ward 3:

Buildings 101-117, Beverly, Wellington and Gunston, both fronts & rears

Buildings 701-738, Valley and Gunston, both fronts & rears


October 11th Ward 4:

Buildings 201-230, Valley, Martha Custis, S. Ravensworth and Preston, both fronts & rears

Buildings 801-850, Valley, Coryell, Ripon, N. Ravensworth and Martha Custis, fronts only


October 12th Ward 5:

Buildings 931-970, MT. Eagle and Preston Road, fronts only, rears open areas between buildings 951-955 and 957-961.



Please contact the office at 703-998-6315 with any questions.

Thank you,

Parkfairfax Management Team

Fiesta Material Safety Data Sheet      Growmark 30-0-8 fall turf app

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