Parkfairfax Storm Update
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As everyone now knows the storm has stalled off the Carolina coast and is causing a considerable amount of damage and flooding there.  We send our thoughts and well wishes for a quick and speedy recovery to everyone effected.

What does that mean for the Parkfairfax community?

We have been monitoring the National Weather Service and we will see rain over the weekend and do expect some scattered thunderstorms by Monday with winds up to 10mph.  In the past few days staff have delivered sand bags to many residents as a precautionary measure. CLS has had their tree crew onsite since Wednesday and they have removed several trees completely and pruned others.  Our staff cleared all storm drains, cleaned gutters, removed dirt, mud and removed low limbs as well. We also made repairs to damaged downspouts and Northern Virginia Roofing has also been onsite making repairs. The slight break in the weather has also allowed us to repair a few storm drains and even do some waterproofing. Both the tree crew and the roofers will return next week to continue.

In the mean time we ask:

  • Report any clogged drains or over flowing gutters.
  • Please remember that drains within your patio areas are unit owner’s responsibility to keep clear of debris.  However, if after removing debris the drain is still not functioning, alert the office via our main number 703.998.6315 or if after hours 866.370.2977 as soon as possible to alleviate any possible unit flooding.
  • Report any damaged, hanging or dangling limbs.
  • If you experience a roof leak, here to please use the above numbers as soon as possible.

Over the next few weeks with the change in weather and temperatures we will again gear up to tackle turf restoration, erosion issues and continue with our scheduled tree maintenance program.  We want to thank residents for the continuing support and patience as we move forward and a separate thank you for the landscape committee members for alerting us to some areas and providing feedback as well.

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