Illegal Dumping in the Yard
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A contractor dumped this load of concrete in the yard yesterday.  A resident who witnessed it said that they did have an id card to enter and they assumed it was one of our contractors.  This was not from any work done here as the Associations contractors have instructions to remove all debris from the site.  We will be reviewing the database to see the address of the card that was used and will ask the owner/resident that this contractor return to remove the debris. Please we can not stress enough, the yard is for Parkfairfax Association owners and residents only.  Although we prefer that debris from any renovation is removed from the site we do allow unit owners to dump. We ask that you speak to your contractors and make sure they understand that and do not allow any non-owner or resident the use of your card.  Even with the new barrier arm to prevent piggybacking we need to be more diligent in preventing this type of situation to help lower our removal costs.

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