Emergency Protocols Reminder
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On Sunday a smoke detector was sounding for some time prior to anyone calling 911.  Please remember that Parkfairfax is a shared community and as such we ask that if you hear an alarm and are unsure if a neighbor had possibly burnt something on the stove or some other cause, please do not hesitate to call 911.  Although it later proved to be a false alarm, that is a much better outcome than a possible fire.  When in doubt and safety might be at risk, always be safe and call 911.

The same holds true for gas smell, leaks, or any other critical and potentially dangerous situation.   Call 911 first. Call Parkfairfax emergency after hours number second.

While Parkfairfax does have an emergency after hours number, that is to alert staff to address building related matters that are not dangerous but still time sensitive, or also to make us aware of 911 issues so we can come support local authorities as soon as practical.

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