Parkfairfax Weekly Update 6.21.19 HAPPY SUMMER!!!!
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  • Summer Turf Treatment: CLS will begin the spot treating with broadleaf herbicides for overwintering grassy weeds beginning on Monday July the 1st.  Areas that have been treated will be marked with yellow notices. Please allow treated areas to dry for 1 hour before walking on the grass.
  • Tree work: CLS has begun the next round of removals and pruning. Notices were delivered to affected buildings.
  • Fire Safety Reminders: With the hot weather here now and although we have had significant rains, we ask that residents be careful when grilling.  Please remember that grills must be away from the buildings.  Do not have them near shrubbery, bushes or trees. Whether using gas or charcoal, do not leave them unattended.  Also, we do not allow for the storage of additional propane cylinders.  All cylinders must be attached to a grill.
  • Mosquitos: Several reminders here. Parkfairfax does not treat for mosquitos. Please check for any standing waters in pots, children’s toys or other containers. If you do have an issue, we can suggest using “Mosquito Barrier”, available online or Scentsational Garlic at Lowes. Both are garlic-based oils which not only keeps them away but takes care of any larva as well.
  • Barkan Update:  Issues regarding direct debiting and online payments. For any all inquiries please reach out to: Mark Miller, General Manager: or Dana Cross, Covenants Director:
  • Pools and Parking: We ask that residents please be respectful when bringing guests to our pools. Have your guests park on the city streets. Both Coryell and Lyons Lane are becoming very congested and resident are finding it difficult to park on weekends.
  • Pet Reminders: Parkfairfax’ s Pet policy can be found on our website under the governing documents tab, PR #7.  We can’t stress enough the importance of owners and residents following these guidelines.  Dogs must remain on leash with no exceptions. This includes visiting dogs as well. This is not only Parkfairfax policy but City of Alexandria ordinance.
  • Summer Work Cycle: Notices to all affected buildings have been delivered.

–          E&G will begin PEX waterline replacements July 1st.

–          Palmer Brothers has begun both painting and trim repairs in Ward 2. This work will continue until September.  They are currently in the 900’s on Gunston.

–           Dynasty Community Service will begin upper trim and gable replacements in the 300’s beginning next week.

–          Envirotex has begun crawlspace remediation in the 300’s and has already completed 3 buildings.

  • Grass Cutting Cycle: CLS completed all sections this week.  Cutting services include edging, sidewalk weeds and bed maintenance, all of which are continuous throughout out the cutting season.
  • Shrub and Bush Pruning:  CLS performed pruning in several areas this week and continues today. If you have any issues with shrubs blocking egress to entryways or walkways, please enter a task into Buildium or contact the office 703.998.6315.  Remember any shrubs in a “yellow” staked area will not be touched.
  • Sound Walls Update: TransUrban and VDot have begun the wall section F1, the ramp onto 395. The Traffic and Land Use Committee chair and management have been in direct contact with all parties regarding the traffic nightmare that has developed at the circle. We have been told they are monitoring and have made timing adjustment to traffic lights
  • Tennis Court and Pool Lighting: The Board voted to approve the proposal with Lightility to convert both the A pool area pole lights (low kelvin and color) and tennis courts pole lights to LEDs.  Not only will this provide a more uniform light but save both energy (71% reduction) and maintenance dollars with a very quick payback of less than 30 months.  We anticipate the install to occur in the next few weeks. We will time the pool area during the normally closed Wednesday cycle.

Please remember to alert us to any issues you may see or are concerned about.

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