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Parkfairfax Woodlands Revised Draft Management Plan – 2012-2047 is Available – 08/17/2012

Woodlands Revised Draft Management Plan 2012-2047 and Appendices


Ad Hoc Committee Draft Report is Available – 06/21/2012

Woodlands Draft Management Plan Ad Hoc Review Committee Report and Appendices


Ad Hoc Committee to Review Draft Woodlands Management Plan – 02/01/2012

The Board of Directors, at the January 18, 2012 Board Meeting, established an Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Draft Woodlands Management Plan.  The Committee is to evaluate and propose revisions, if any, to the Current Draft Plan.

The Draft Plan, along with the terms of reference  can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Committee will meet at the Association offices on the second and fourth Monday of each month, at 7:00PM and the public is most welcome to attend.

The Committee is charged with, among other things, reviewing and making recommendations as to the classification and any possible changes to the management of any of the presently designated 22 acres of woodlands, based on size, location and condition. Management goals are to be articulated.

Also to be examined is the on-going program for the management and eradication of invasive exotic plants with herbicides, as well as physical removal by hand or hand tools.

Of specific tasking is to take a look at Management’s on-going program to address erosion control on slopes where eradication of invasive plants as been done, and efforts to re-introduce native plantings into woodland areas to speed recovery of natural Woodlands plant diversity.

Resident comments on the Draft Plan should be sent to the Review Committee Chairman, Claire Eberwein at ceberwein4@comcast.net with a cc to the General Manager at ggardner@parkfairfax.org.

The Terms of Reference established a deadline for submission of the final report from the Committee to the Woodlands Committee and Management by no later than April 20, 2012 with the Board scheduled to receive the final report in time for consideration at the May Board meeting although the Board has indicated flexibility on those dates if the Committees require more time to complete their work.


Review Committee for the Woodlands Management Plan – 09/28/2011

One of the most notable assets in Parkfairfax remains are grounds and woodlands. It is unique to find the kind of park-like setting we enjoy in this community in the midst of an urban environment. Consequently, we take special interest in managing our green assets. Our Woodlands Committee was requested to develop a new management plan for the wooded areas of the condominium. The plan has been submitted to the Board for review. Several issues have been raised publicly regarding certain provisions in the draft management plan. In order to afford everyone an adequate opportunity for input on this important project, the Board approved the establishment of an ad-hoc committee to review the draft proposal and provide the Board which alternative language for those areas where disagreement has been identified.

Copies of the draft plan can be found here:

Woodlands Draft Management Plan 

Woodlands Draft Management Plan – Appendices Draft June 2011

AR-2 Revised for Woodlands Draft

Terms of Reference for the Ad Hoc Committee

It can also be reviewed by Owners (copies available at the Receptionist’s Desk) in the management office at 3360 Gunston Road during normal business hours.