Weekly Update from Parkfairfax Condominium
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Landscaping and mulching: The crews are currently in the 200s section. They will be headed to the 900 buildings next and will finish with the 800s last. We anticipate full completion by April 18, weather permitting.

Our one spring turf application has been delayed due to the weather; we will re-schedule, send an email blast and post on the website and social media once we have the new date.  Please refer to the flyer that was inserted in the newsletters which went out today.  However, CLS has already posted white signs with dates which will now change. When the spraying takes place you will note yellow notification signs in areas that were treated.  Please stay off these areas (pets included) for 24 hours. The Board, Landscape Committee and management have committed to only two applications per year to alleviate run off into the storm systems.

Tree surveys are in progress to plan the next proposed work. We are paying close attention to limbs that are hanging over roofs or touching buildings to both eliminate potential damages and squirrel access.  Dead or decaying/declining trees will also be removed where necessary. All work is being overseen by Bill Munt of CLS and Jeff Lange; both are certified ISA arborists.  Buildings will be notified prior to any work commencing.

Erosion Control:  Staff is continuing on several projects throughout the site.  We are working off a priority list of areas where units are directly affected by water runoff.  Once these are completed we will attack the smaller bare eroded areas.  We will also be planting several varieties of ferns and installing new retaining walls as well.  Exterior crews are repairing damaged downspouts and leaf catchers too.

Irrigation:  Water is our biggest utility cost which is paid for directly from the monthly assessment fees. We ask that residents use both soaker hoses and timers when they can.  Parkfairfax will be installing and testing new drip irrigation systems in several locations this spring.  We are hoping that residents will look into these as well. The kits are very reasonably priced and are easy to install. They can reduce water consumption by up to 70 percent depending on the size and type of emitters used.  One plus is that the water goes directly where it does the most good, not spraying all over.

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