Weekly Update 1.31.20
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Join the Board of Directors

We currently have an opening for an at-large position on the Board of Directors. Although we usually elect Board Members at the Annual Meeting, vacancies in between are filled by the Board itself and they will be voting to appoint an owner at the February 19th Board meeting.   Serving on the Board is an important way to be involved in setting strategic and budgetary direction for the Association, and collaboratively help decide our priorities.  Owners who have been involved in other association committees in the past or who have professional or personal experience that would inform decisions about our community, should consider applying for the positions.  The role is a crucial volunteer position where one must represent the broad interests of all owners. We will begin accepting applications tomorrow, February 1st through February 13th,  so we wanted to share in advance to allow owners to have the time to consider the role, talk to current or past Board members to learn more about the responsibility, and also consider encouraging others to apply.  An application will consist of a resume and a statement of why you would be a good candidate to serve on the Board.  Please reach out to Dana Cross, dcross@parkfairfax.org at the Association Office or your Board Representative to get more information.

* New Date: Annual Chili Cook Off:  Will be held on Saturday, March 21st. Please see the attached updated Activities Committee flyer.

* As it is now Jan 31st, please remember to remove all your holiday lights and decorations.

  • Water Leaks: While reviewing the Associations monthly water bills, staff will note when there is an increase in consumption from the previous month and we do receive back up as well from Virginia American Water when this happens.  We need to remind everyone, all residents including our renters that a leaking toilet, faucet or shower can flow hundreds of gallons of water in a short period of time. And as water/sewer is the Association’s largest annual utility cost, we ask that these leaks are reported as soon as possible to offset the spike in consumption which translates to an increase in cost, which is paid for from your monthly assessments.  Our plumbing staff will be able to assess the issue(s) and make repairs to toilets and some faucets via our Unit Services Programs. In instances where a shower body is discovered to be the issue, owners will need to contact an outside contractor as this is not handled by the Association. Lets all work together to keep our water losses to a minimal and keep our costs steady.
  • Handicap Parking:  There are several handicap parking spots located throughout the property.  Just a reminder that these spaces are for vehicles that display either the handicap placard or license plate. If you find a vehicle parked in the spot that does not display either of the above, please contact the City of Alexandria PD or Parking Enforcement as these vehicle will be subject to ticket and a fine and if not removed will be towed if in Association cul-de-sacs.
  • Laundry Rooms: We have had several reports regarding both lights on all night as well as doors not being secured. Please remember to turn off the lights and be sure the door is closed and latched when you leave. Please report any lights being out or door issues as soon as possible.
  • Sewer Main Replacement: With the property being 76 years old we are beginning to experience issues with the underground sanitary system. We are currently replacing several hundred feet of line in the rear natural area in the 700’s on Gunston Road.  This is a large-scale project and we ask that if you walk in these areas please be careful.  All areas will be re-graded and re-seeded as needed upon completion.
  • Parkfairfax Pet Policy: We have received several calls and complaints about dogs off leash. This is not allowed per our by-laws and city of Alexandria ordinance. This applies to cats as well and with the abundant wildlife on the property and the recent uptick of missing pets, cats as per our policies should not be loose outside.  Please use the link below to familiarize yourself with the policy.  https://parkfairfax.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Policy-Resolution-7-Pet-Policy-Revised-2019-.pdf 
  • Spring Landscape Cleanup and Mulching: CLS has begun the process much earlier than scheduled to prepare for our cycle this year of property wide mulching.  They will address bedded areas throughout the site except for the owners “yellow staked” areas.  For those that do care for their own areas, we have a large pile of leaf mulch available in the maintenance yard which will be added to as need through the city program.
  • VDOT Construction Update: VDot and TransUrban are continuing on the new sound wall project. The majority of work is being done during the day. We will provide further information as we receive it.


Please remember to alert us to any issues you may see or are concerned about. Use the Buildium app or simply call the office at 703-998-6315.

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