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The Polar Vortex will be upon us for the next few days. Daytime temperatures will be hovering around or below freezing and overnight temperatures will possibly be in the single digits or lower with the wind chills.  We ask that all owners and residents please be sure that your heat is set no lower than 55 degrees to insure that we avoid any potential frozen or broken pipes and the flooding that may occur to both your home and the neighboring units.  With rain/snow forecast for our area late Tuesday with temperatures below freezing we will experience icy conditions throughout the property.  Staff will be onsite as early and as safely possible Wednesday morning to begin applying ice melt/salt/sand as needed.  Please be careful when you go out and remember that we have barrels of sand/salt mix located by laundry rooms throughout the property.  And of course please report any unsafe or dangerous areas to the office either via Buildium (please sign up at: or call the office at 703.998.6315.   After hours at: 1-866-370-2977.


Thank you

Parkfairfax Management Team

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