Trash & Recycling Update
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The new firm, Capitol Services has been onsite for almost a week now and have been doing a wonderful job. The office and Board members both have been receiving numerous positive comments.  However, yesterday we ran into a slight problem with the re-cycling.  The crew pulls trash first and while the truck heads over to the City transfer station on Eisenhower, the crew then pulls the recycling and the truck returns to remove that.  When the truck went to dump the re-cycling load at the designated center, the city folks found several plastic bags with recycling mixed in and then issued a warning. So, we again ask to be mindful and place all recycling into either paper bags or into an intact (not flattened) cardboard box.  Please no plastic bags, plus this will help the crew to easily identify which is which.  The previous contractor was not using the City of Alexandria’s facilities and was taking our waste/recycling further south to another location which we surmise was not following the same stringent guidelines.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation

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