Recent Theft of Car Airbags and Catalytic Converters
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Dear Community Members of Parkfairfax,

Please be advised that there has been an increase in airbag thefts over the last couple of months—mainly targeting Honda and Acura models of cars. Airbag thefts have occurred in the early morning hours and can be executed quickly—in less than two minutes by using a window punch device that does not set off car alarms. Airbags in Honda and Acura models are targeted because they can easily be removed.

Please consider purchasing and appropriately installing a Club Anti-Theft Device on your vehicle to deter thieves.

Additionally, thieves are also stealing catalytic converters from Toyota Prius models. Catalytic converters are almost always taken from Priuses because of their position on the exhaust system. It is possible to lie down next to the car, reach under the car, and use a saw to sever the converter from the exhaust system in a matter of minutes. Shields can be purchased to protect the catalytic converter, but they are relatively expensive and should be installed by a mechanic. There are also alarm systems that can be purchased that may deter thieves.

If you are aware of your neighbors that have these affected car models, please consider sharing the above information.

We hope this information will help our vehicle owners avoid further incidents.

We ask our community members to report all suspicious activity to Alexandria’s Police Department non-emergency line: (703) 746-4444.

If you have any questions about the above information, don’t hesitate to contact the management office at 703-998-6315.

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