Property Holiday Update
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  • Please remember there is NO trash pickup on Thursday the 22nd.  Please do not put your trash out until Friday the 23rd.  The yard cans will be emptied Wednesday if you need to bring your trash there.
  • Leaves: CLS began the 1st round of leaf removal last week. Fronts, walkways and parking areas are completed first. Then they return do the rears.
  • If you have yellow stakes, please be sure they are visible
  • Gutter Cleaning: Staff will begin next Monday the 26th.  Notices will be delivered starting tomorrow with buildings and dates
  •  Spruce Island:  All the concrete has been removed, stumps have been ground. CLS will begin the final grading this week and the irrigation system will be upgraded and repaired.  Final installation of new sod, some of the plantings, including the new holiday tree will be completed by November the 30th.
  • With the colder weather now upon us, all exterior work including trim replacement, drains and stoops will be suspended until the Spring.  We will however keep installing new gutter guards in conjunction with the annual gutter cleaning.

The both the management and maintenance offices will be closed on Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd.  We will re-open at 8:00 am on Monday November the 26th.  For all emergencies please call our after hours number at: 1-866-370-2977

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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