Pool, Gym and Maintenance Yard Changes
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Pools A and B will both be opening for the season on Saturday May the 29th at 12pm closing at 8:00pm. Both pools will follow this schedule through Sunday, the 30th and Monday the 31st. Beginning Tuesday June 1st, both pools will then revert to the regular scheduled opening and closing. We will use the Amenity Boss online reservation system for at least the first week (5/29 to 6/5) and possibly the second week (6/5 to 6/11) to track capacity and this will determine whether we will need to continue the practice. The hope is to get Pool C opened by June 19th and at that time there will no longer be a need to reserve and guest restrictions will also be lifted.

• Each address has one passcode, so multiple occupants’ emails will receive the same passcode.
• Reservations: The pools will officially open on May 29 at noon. On Thursday, May 27, the system will open to allow for only 48-hour advance registrations for Saturday (5/29) and Sunday (5/30).
• As such, going forward residents will need to go back in the next day to reserve for the either the 29th and/or 30th, and so on. So, for example in the middle of June on the 13th, you can go in and reserve for both the 14th and 15th. Although at this time we are not limiting the number of weekly reservations per address, we hope that this will allow more access to all.
• There are 2 listings for both the Martha Custis Pool A, and the Lyons Lane Pool B, one is for the weekday scheduled slots, 4 per day, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Beginning at noon, each slot will be 1 hour and 45 minutes. The second listing is for the weekends when the Pool will open at noon and there will be 5 slots of 1 hour and 30 minutes each. After the first week, Pool A will operate 6 days a week, closed on Wednesday, and Pool B will operate on 5 days a week, closed Monday, and Thursdays.
• You can either bring your phone or a printed copy of the QR code when arriving.
• Guests: Our normal pool access allows the card holder and up to 3 guests (including resident children). But due to the amount of interest and feedback, the Board agreed to keep this suspended and until further notice, we are asking that only residents and their respective household members be allowed to use the pool. We are aware that this may be advantageous to some households but feel that this allows more residents the ability to use the pool. We will review this against reservations and capacity to see (as mentioned above) if this can be lifted prior to the third pool opening on June 19.
• Questions arose during the board meeting regarding reservations not showing up on time: We will review the process during the first week to see if we can allow some flexibility for walk-ins after a certain amount of time. We are hopeful that all will be mindful of the limited number of slots. Again, the plan to get the 3 pool online a quickly as possible to eliminate the need for the reservation system.
• All chairs will be on the decks and we ask that those that are still not vaccinated please comply and wear a mask while on the pool deck. All locker rooms will be cleaned on Thursday, (5/27) prior to opening on the 29th. There will be hand sanitizer stations set up for your convenience. The showers will remain closed at least for the first 2 weeks and a solar shower will be set up at each pool.
We would like to thank everyone for their patience and anticipated cooperation.

Fitness Center Re-opening

Based on the new executive order that goes into effect at 12:00am on the 28th, the Board and Management are pleased to announce that the gym will reopen with no restrictions at 6:00am May the 28th and revert to the 7 day / 6:00am to 10:00pm schedule. Here to the entire facility will be cleaned prior on the 27th. Heartline Fitness is also scheduled for the quarterly equipment maintenance visit prior to opening.

Maintenance Yard Reminder

The yard operates from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. 7 days a week.The 2 open top bulk dumpsters, (3) smaller blue trash dumpsters and the (1) open top metal dumpsters have all been removed. Bulk will no longer be accepted in any form at the maintenance yard. Thus, the new layout (see attachment) will include the 2 newly installed large compactors, commingle recycling containers and a yard waste container.

Each will handle the following:

Compactor 1 CARDBOARD ONLY: As it states only carboard, no pizza boxes and you do not need to flatten.
Compactor 2 HOUSEHOLD TRASH ONLY this includes:
General Daily Waste including: Pizza Boxes, no bulk trash, no construction debris, no furniture, mattresses, grill, metal or appliance or any hazardous materials.

Both units will cycle to compact every third time the doghouse door are opened and closed.
Do not leave anything on the ground or in around the containers.
COMMINGLE RECYCLING CONTAINERS: will accept paper, plastic, aluminum, cans, and glass (no pizza boxes)
YARD WASTE OPEN TOP DUMPSTER: Leaves, grass, brush, shrub, tree trimming, branches, and small limbs.
As bulk trash is no longer accepted, please remember that curbside pickup is available on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month by our contracted provider, Capitol Services. However, here to there are some restrictions.

Items considered bulk:
1.furniture items such as chairs, sofa, tables, mattresses, bed frames

  1. large appliances such as washer, dryer, stoves, grills (without propane tank)
    (Note: No refrigerators, freezers nor HVAC units)
  2. bikes, exercise equipment
  3. Other large items that cannot fit in compactor truck
  4. carpet but must be cut down to 3-foot sections.

    Other items that are not considered bulk and Capitol Services cannot pickup:

    1. dead animals
  1. oil
  2. propane tanks
  3. paint
  4. no construction materials
  5. manure
  6. tree stumps, dirt, stones, rocks, concrete, bricks
  7. poisons
  8. dangerous acids, caustics, explosives, and other dangerous material
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