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As everyone will see more signs were put up today. The City and Virginia Paving have made a welcome change based on our needs.

The plan now encompasses:

–   Change to Gunston, now from Martha Custis/Shirlington Circle down to Valley only (Gunston/MC to Gunston/Valley was removed). This is due to the condition of that portion of Gunston.

–  Complete re-paving of all of Martha Custis from Gunston/Valley past the school to W. Glebe.

–  Complete repaving of MT Eagle.

–  Complete re-paving of Preston Road from Quaker to Valley.

Again parking will be an issue during daytime hours (cars must be moved by 7:00am daily (cars not moved will be tagged by the City Traffic Enforcement and any towing will be relocated to Valley Drive). We ask that if possible please plan to use our overflow lots on Valley Drive, by the fitness center 1401 MC and by Pool A (driveway to maintenance yard).

Once completed another contractor will return and re-stripe. The City will alert us to that as well.  Parkfairfax Management is in contact with all parties and we be monitoring throughout to head off any potential issues that may arise.  We are planning to do re-seeding and sodding in several areas once the paving project is complete in May.

Thank you

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