Parkfairfax Property Wide Updates November/December 2016
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Tot Lots: Dynasty Community Services has completed the restoration of lots 1, 8 and 9 and Parkfairfax staff is completing the repairs to the cribbing so that the new mulch can be added.  Lot #10 replacement is slated to begin the week of December the 12th.  This lot will include a brand new playscape and swings for ages 2-12 years.  Parkfairfax staff will made drainage adjustments there as well.

Landscaping: CLS has almost completed one full round of leave clearing.  Yes, there are areas that seem to have more leaves than others, but we are slightly behind due to the warmer weather which has prevented a great deal of leaves from falling, especially the Oak trees. Please remember that they do all cul-de-sacs and front areas first for safety reasons, then the rears.   The next round will continue beginning later this week and will continue through the end of December.  A final round and spot cleaning will be completed in January as well.

Gutter Cleaning:  Parkfairfax staff is into the third week of the annual gutter cleaning.  This is a very labor intensive project that not only cleans the debris, but allows for replacement of gutter filters were needed.

Rhino Gutter Guards: The Board voted on November 16th to move forward and complete 32 more buildings.  Our roofing and gutter contractor, Northern Virginia Roofing will begin these buildings shortly. Notices will go out to those affected. When completed it will bring the total number of completed buildings to 64.  This product has tested well and not only does it keep all debris out of the gutters, which then require no more annual cleaning, but also prevents our furry tailed friends from gaining access to the attics.

Virginia American Water and City walks and curbs:  As everyone can attest, traffic has been quite a mess the past few weeks.  The water main project has mostly been completed with some work still underway at the end of Valley.  Virginia American has now begun the “trench restoration” throughout, consisting of milling out the temporary patches and re-paving with new material.  They are also replacing any concrete walks or curb cuts. This work will also make for smoother plowing during snow events.

City of Alexandria:  Contractor is replacing entire sections of sidewalks, curbs and corners.  This work is part of a full paving restoration plan slated for the spring when Martha Custis from Tennessee Ave all the way to (including MT Eagle)  Gunston and Valley, and the up Gunston back to the Valley will be fully milled, repaved and striped.  As everyone can attest the roads here have been in need for some time.  We are also requesting that they city continues up Gunston and finishes at the intersect of Martha Custis and the circle.

Don’t forget the annual tree lighting this coming Sunday, December the 4th starting at 5:30 p.m. at Spruce Island on Preston Road and Valley Drive.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

We wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday season!

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