May 2018 – Landscape Concerns and Update
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We have been fielding some complaints about curb appeal in regard to erosion and bare spots in several locations and would like to bring everyone up to speed. Please understand that due to all of the recent rain we are about two weeks behind on spring-scheduled work.

We had identified via both site inspections (internal, master plan and Landscape Committee input) and resident requests many locations where both erosion and bare areas were located. A full list was compiled to facilitate this needed restoration work. There are several factors that go into prioritizing the schedule:

  1. Unit flooding concerns.  These take priority over any other work as the Association has an obligation to unit owners to remedy any potential areas where water could enter the unit and cause damage. The property has a “flood watch” program that was developed in 2012 and has been updated annually since its inception. We recently completed restoring and stabilizing several areas throughout the site. This work includes new or old drain replacements, re-grading, adding soil/seed or sod and using plants that help to absorb ground water. Some of this type of work is contracted out.
  2. Erosion. Next on the list are areas that would not cause unit flooding, however, if not addressed quickly will cause run-off, soil erosion and slumping.  Here our staff will micro grade, machine aerate the ground and re-seed or sod as needed. These areas are located in many spots throughout the site, front, rear and side slopes, courtyards and areas where water or drain line work was recently completed and issues from settlement work. This part of the list is quite extensive and will require several more weeks to complete.
  3. Shade areas. Third on the list are areas under or near trees that will not facilitate good grass germination and growth.  We have been addressing these areas by turning them into large mulch-type beds with drought and shade tolerant understory native plants such as perennials, ferns and small shrubs.  With the onset of summer, we may begin the work here but hold off planting until fall.

Due to the recent heavy rains, some areas experienced mulch flow that had never issues before. Both CLS and the Parkfairfax staff have been returning to these locations to restore and stabilize. We ask that everyone please be patient and that you express your concerns directly to management so that we can provide you with up-to-date information. We will be providing more information in the July newsletter.

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