Maintenance Yard Access Changes
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Due to the rising costs of trash and recycling removal fees as well the amount of dumping that goes on the Association has seen an almost 15% jump in monthly costs from June and July alone.  There are several changes that can be made both by the Association and by our residents.

First, we have just completed the installation of a new lighted barrier arm gate directly in front of the sliding gate.  This arm functions and opens once the sliding gate is fully open and then immediately closes after a vehicle goes by in either direction, then the sliding gate will close.  The reason behind this is to prevent access to the constant “piggybacking” of non-residents. We have witnessed vehicles parked awaiting a resident opening the card with their authorized access card.  Please be aware of this new system and we ask that you do not let others in.

Second, contractors. We do allow your contractors to dump debris from your unit renovations and we ask that you remind them that there are not to dump outside debris.  We understand this will be hard to police but it’s a start.

Third, donate.  The yard has recently become a pickers paradise.  Daily someone posts on social media that they have left this or that at the yard, etc.  Donate.  Not only will you be helping someone in need, but you will also help to cut down on our carbon footprint.

Fourth, this will all in turn cut down on our tipping fees and staff time spent cleaning up the area.

Fifth, our recycling area.  With the recent change to Waste Management we are now fully following the City Re-cycling mandates.  No more plastic bags in the recycling bins.  You can transport your recycling to the yard in a plastic bag, but you must dump out the contents and then place the plastic bag in the trash receptacles.  But we are hopeful that everyone will switch to paper here as we do on Wednesday for the unit pickups.

Lastly, cardboard.  We all understand with the constant Amazon and online deliveries that we will continue to see the amount increase but the cardboard bin pile on Mondays is massive.   Please break down your boxes and if you can hold them for the Wednesday unit pickup. Management is investigating with Waste Management the feasibility of a roll off cardboard compactor.

Let’s all work together to make Parkfairfax green in 2019!

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