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Dear Parkfairfax Residents,

We wanted to notify you that starting December 1, 2023, Caldwell & Gregory will be our new Laundry Services provider. Regrettably, given the decline in the laundry facilities usage, we also must consolidate our laundry rooms soon.
After seeking multiple bids from laundry unit providers, we have selected a new provider to hopefully improve service; however, all bidders required that we reduce our total number of laundry rooms since our current coverage is not economically viable for any of those providers to offer service. The Board made these decisions after many meetings and public Board discussions, and the rooms that will be decommissioned were determined based upon a methodology the Board approved based upon recommendations of the Building and Utilities Committee to ensure fair and equitable distribution for access.

New Laundry Room Provider:

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, Caldwell & Gregory is ranked among the region’s top three laundry service companies. With faster service response, efficient and higher-capacity machines, more payment options, and preventative maintenance programs, we are confident their services will raise the bar on our community’s laundry needs.

To learn more about the upcoming service changes and how to operate the new laundry equipment, please read below: 

  • Equipment: Each laundry room will have two washers and two dryers with a larger capacity than the previous ones.
  • Instructional Signage: C&G will install instructional signage in each room about:
    • Correct use of equipment.
    • The proper type and amount of detergent to use.
    • C&G contact information for any problems.
    • Tips to achieve the best cleaning performance. 
  • Preventative Maintenance: C&G Technicians will be on-site weekly to provide scheduled preventative maintenance and ventilation cleaning.
  • Service Issues: There are two different ways for residents to make service requests:
  1. Through the provider’s website at www.Caldwell& and via email at service@caldwell&
  2. Residents can also use C&G’s Service Ability to place a request by simply scanning the QR code provided on each machine.  

Payment Options:

  1. Clean Cash App- How It Works:
  • Download the App: Download the app from your app store.
  • Find your room: With Bluetooth enabled on your phone, press start to auto-detect your location or scan the QR on the sign located in the laundry room.
  • Create an account: Create an account using your email and unique password.
  • Add funds: Add funds to your account using Apple Pay, credit, or debit card.
  • Select your cycle: Insert your clothing and select your cycle options.
  • Start the machine: Scan the QR code on the machine or enter the machine number found next to the QR code to start the machine.

2. Clean Pay Plus Cash:

Clean Plus Cash is the secure way to accept cash in our laundry rooms. It is user-friendly, tamper-proof, and securely designed.

Each Clean Plus Cash add value station features:

  • Dispenses smart cards – allowing residents to purchase refillable smart cards directly.
  • Accepts cash, credit cards, and debit cards.
  • Highly secure contactless card reader.
  • Value code functionality
  • Users can select from English, Spanish, and French.

Clean Plus Cash Add Value Station Locations:

There will be (3) three Clean Plus Cash add-value stations located throughout the community:

  • Management Office: Located at 3360 Gunston Rd.
  • Gym: Located at 1409 Martha Custis Dr.
  • Laundry Room in Building # 817

Prices per Load per Cycle:  Washer: $2.00 – Dryer: $2.00

Reduced and Evenly Distributed Laundry Room Locations:

Due to the significant decrease in laundry room users in the past years and to be able to offer this amenity without increasing condo fees to all owners, the association is required to close a number of its current laundry rooms. An extensive effort and statistical modeling were used to ensure equity of distribution of the laundry rooms available after the reductions.

Starting on or around November 23, 2023, the following laundry rooms in the following buildings will need to be decommissioned, and all laundry machines will be removed, but they will still function as storage for bikes:


The location of the 25 laundry rooms that will stay in service are in the following buildings:

110 -203- 223- 224- 314- 405- 506- 518- 523- 542- 605- 722- 725- 803- 810- 817- 828- 843- 911- 936- 941- 944- 972-904- 829

For your convenience, the map on the next page shows where the closest available laundry room will be on or after November 23, 2023. 

Signs have been posted on the doors of all laundry rooms to be decommissioned.

As always, feel free to contact our office with questions or comments.

Thank you,

Francisco Foschi, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®
General Manager – Parkfairfax Condominium I P: 703-998-6315
3360 Gunston Rd, Alexandria, VA 22302

Map of Available Laundry Rooms Buildings After November 23, 2023:

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