Landscape/Grounds and Pest Control Update
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Both our staff and the landscape contractor have been very busy the past few weeks. Below are some of the items and areas where work has been completed or is in the process of being completed.

  • Tot lot re-furbishing:  #2 Holmes Lane and #5 Wellington are fully completed, #4 Rear of building 726 on Gunston Road will be completed today and #6 on Ripon, the playscape and swings are done, however our staff will remove and replace all the ground mulch next week. We have yet to determine the course of action on the remaining lots.
  • Shrubs and hedges: CLS and PKFX crews are working throughout the site.  As everyone can understand, with over 132 acres this takes a great deal of time, so if your area has not been trimmed yet, please be patient.  However if there are any issues with a walkway being blocked please contact the office.
  • Erosion control and drainage issues: Staff have completed drain repairs in many areas and will continue on throughout the summer.
  • Trees: The city has completed is round of pruning, however management has asked that they return as several large limbs are still overhanging on Martha Custis Drive, Preston and Gunston Roads.  CLS and Quality Tree Service have completed a great deal of pruning and removal in the past 2 months. CLS is headed to the 900’s next.  As always notices will be delivered prior to work being done.
  • Pest Control of Rodents:  The Association as previously reported has contracted with VA Animal Control who began this week to address the exterior infestation issues.  They began on Tuesday to replace the old bait boxes with new one in several locations and will continue on for the next few weeks. PKFX staff is working closely with them in identifying “hot areas” and to seal up burrows.
  • Pest Control of Mosquitos: We are using the product “Mosquito Barrier”. This product is fully biodegradable and is made up of garlic juice and citric acid.  Staff has begun to spray around catch basins and drains where standing water may occur. We are also spraying on the edges of some of the woodland where it is known to have wet conditions.  We are also filling in low lying areas where water may pond and collect. We ask all residents to be diligent regarding their immediate areas. Make sure pots, furniture or children’s toys do not collect water.  Dump and refresh bird baths frequently (at least once a week) or you can add one of several biodegradable products on the market.

Please remember to enjoy all our amenities and have a safe summer.

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