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Mulch and Mowing

Mulching of the final section of the 800’s will obviously be delayed due to the rain and the same holds true for lawn mowing. CLS will have additional crews onsite and if weather permits will be working on Saturday.


There have been many inquiries regarding the removal of what appear to be healthy looking trees. We now employ the use of a Resistograph machine to bore and sample trees for health and density. CLS has purchased this unit and has begun to test trees here at Parkfairfax.  The unit provides a real-time graphed sheet that shows any voids or decayed area inside. Based on these results some trees were removed due to open voids, rot and disease.  Below are pictures of 2 trees removed this week from the lower portion of Gunston by buildings 711 and 715. Please note the decay. We are continuing to survey the site and will notified residents prior to pruning or removal.

City Trees

We have received a work order from the City of Alexandria noting a pruning of 81 trees and removal of 9 throughout the property. City trees are along roadways and are measured 12’ off the curb. They will prune back and remove for right of way safety. City work is contracted through Care of Trees and will begin in May. Notices will go out and no parking signs will be put up by the City.

Landscape 1 Landscape 2


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