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The National Weather Service has declared a “Winter Storm Warning” for the DC/Metro area beginning at 7:00 pm tonight and extending through 7:00 pm Tuesday evening.  Possible accumulations are slated for 5 to 8 inches of heavy wet snow.  Our staff is preparing all necessary equipment and has begun to pre-treat by spreading salt in parking cul-de-sacs and on our lanes. This city has pre-treated with liquid brine on parts of Martha Custis Drive, Gunston and Preston Roads. Staff will begin to move snow when it is 2 inches deep. We also expect high gusty winds which may blow snow into breezeways and doorways.  Below are several reminders:

  • Sand and ice melt mix is available throughout the site in barrels adjacent to laundry rooms.
  • Please use care when navigating both sidewalks, steps and roads.  With the temperature swings we will surely get freeze thaw cycles for the next few days.
  • Staff will be out as the day progresses moving from section to section clearing and treating.
  • This will be a heavy wet snow, so please take great care when clearing your stoops and single entry walkways.
  • Although we have fared well lately with wind and our trees, but be aware with this type of snow and the expected winds we may see major branches and limbs fail.  Be observant when out walking.
  • Trash may be delayed or not picked up at all.  Unfortunately this is dependent on both accumulations and the City (if they close the transfer/dump station). We have reached out to Jefferies and will send a blanket email and post once info is received. But we ask that you use your judgement and not place your trash until Wednesday morning. The yard will be open if you do need to get it out.
  • At this time the office is slated to open at 8:00am, however if the roads are hazardous we will delay until later in the morning.
  • Please call the office directly with any emergencies, questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you

Parkfairfax Management

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