Election Procedures
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The election for the Board of Directors will be conducted online through our vendor, Vote HOA Now.  On March 24, 2023, you will receive an email invitation from Vote HOA Now that voting has started.  Unit Owners in all wards will receive an email to vote for the At-Large Candidate.  Unit Owners in Wards 3 and 4 will receive an additional email to vote for their respective Ward Candidate.

Online voting is quick and easy!  The Elections Committee will also host a voting clinic in April.  Those details will be announced in the coming weeks.

It is vital that all Owners participate in the Annual Meeting by voting online or through proxy, even if you do not wish to vote for a Candidate, so we can achieve the necessary quorum.  If quorum is not met, the meeting will have to be rescheduled at considerable expense to the Association and Unit Owners. If you have a question, please contact the Elections Committee at elections@parkfairfax.org.

Important: If there is more than one owner, please check both owners’ email addresses, as only one owner will receive the voting email(s).

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