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Last week we learned that an employee tested positive for COVID-19 after they were tested because a family member tested positive.  As soon as Management was aware the individual tested positive, they sent the individual home and followed CDC protocols related to our other employees that may have been in proximity.  This individual had near-contact with only a few other PKFX staff members after their exposure, and did not have any direct contact with any owners or residents.  All other staff have tested negative since, but some will remain home as a precautionary measure per CDC and medical guidelines.  While this may have impact on staff capacity for a few days, it will not impact critical maintenance and priority projects.

While we hope no employee or resident becomes infected by COVID-19, the situation also is a reminder that Parkfairfax has procedures in place for when a situation such as this may occur, and also has since the beginning of the crisis taken steps to control exposure to minimize any risk of spread.  Employees were sent home, testing was conducted immediately, and we have always maintained safety protocols such as mandating masks, social distancing, and limiting shared space use for staff when in situations where they might interact directly with the community.  Thank you for continuing to do your part by engaging in safe behavior in the community as well.

Scott Buchanan

Board President


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