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Gardens in the Park Month 2020 Flyer

April 24:  Gardens in the Park Month flier (full text, no link) (Since the day has already come and gone, no need to post Mark’s April 24 blast about the trash pickup)

May 1: Adopt-A-Tree Adopt Me – New Trees Planted in 2020

May 8: Gardens in the Park Month – It’s a Scavenger Hunt!

Week two of Gardens in the Park Month begins today.  Click here on coloring pages and you will see coloring pages to download and print for free. Many children and adults love to color – what’s more, they can get creative and add to these pages gardens, plants, trees, people walking and other outdoor features.  Art is a great way to explore and enjoy our surroundings!

Also this week on Gardens in the Park we are advertising the young trees planted in 2019 that are still available for adoption in the Adopt-A-Tree program.  Residents adopt trees planted by the Parkfairfax Condominium Unit Owners Association to water and look after.  Contact if you are interested in helping to save our landscape one tree at a time.

For Week 3 of the Parkfairfax Gardens in the Park month, the Landscaping Committee has a scavenger hunt scavenger hunt!  Explore Parkfairfax while staying socially distant to find a variety of trees, birds, and other animals, as well as Parkfairfax-specific landmarks.  See the Google map posted to the Parkfairfax Facebook page for help in finding a few.  It will be an adventure for all!

Parkfairfax Scavenger Hunt

May 15:  Seeds

May 22:  Turtle Walk Map

May 29:  Woodland Trail Map

Videos for Gardens in the Park:

–  Gardens in the Park.mp4