100’s Area Master Landscape Plan
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Board Approves Budget for Implementing Master Plan in the 100s Buildings Area

Over the past year, the Parkfairfax Board of Directors has been working with JP Lange Consulting to develop a comprehensive, sustainable Landscape Master Plan for Parkfairfax. The Plan addresses longstanding problems in the Community’s landscape.

How is the Master Plan going to be implemented?

The Plan is being implemented in a stepwise fashion. Redesign of the Community entries at the Preston Road-Quaker Lane intersection and at the Gunston Road-Martha Custis Drive intersection are complete.

What is happening now?

The next phase will be implementing the Plan in the area of the 100s buildings.

This is a small area that will serve as a pilot project for how we implement the Plan. What we learn from this area, will inform the design for the next area, which surrounds the 700s buildings.

How can I learn more? How can I participate in discussions about the Plan?