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Woodlands Notice

With the seasonal thinning of both leaves and shrub cover we find a great deal of debris in the wooded areas.  Parkfairfax is lucky to have these natural areas where numerous examples of both flora and fauna thrive. What you see in these 2 photos that were taken today...

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Recycling Update

The new firm, Capitol Services has now been onsite for 2 weeks and they have been doing a wonderful job. Trash and recycling are picked up timely. However, there have been a few glitches in regard to recycling and we would like to provide several reminders below:...

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I-395 Express Lane Sound Wall Meeting – October 11th at 7pm

Just a reminder that the I-395 Express Lane Sound Wall meeting is this Wednesday, 11 October at 7:00pm in the Fairlington Community Center.   Unlike prior community meetings, this event will focus exclusively on the issue of possible sound wall construction.  ...

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