April Landscape Update
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Spring projects are underway in several areas of our property and below is a brief list of some of our ongoing work to alleviate many outstanding and maintenance issues.

–  Lawn Cutting: cutting will begin this week as early as tomorrow in areas where the growth is rapidly advancing due to the recent turf applications and the rain.

–  Full weekly cutting will begin by April 17th.

–  Work in the 100’s is proceeding within the large open area near the tot lot. New chip paths, cribbing, sod, and mulch have been installed (see photos). The new rain gardens have been constructed along with water directing berms. Planting locations were laid out today and planting will begin as early as tomorrow. Once this area is completed the crew will move into the open areas adjacent to buildings 110-117. Clean up, mulch and additional planting will be done in this areas as well.

–  The Board approved the plans to proceed in the 700’s woodlands. This involves removing invasive plants, clearing deadfall, restoring the pathways, installation of cribbing and water tables to reverse the long standing erosion issues, re-planting with native drought tolerant species and turf restoration both sod and seed in the fronts (facing the hillside) and sides of several of the buildings.  This work will commence immediately after the 100’s are completed. Plans are posted on our website under: Landscaping Committee, 700’s plan.

–  Turf restoration:  We have fielded several requests and emails and understand that there is a strong consensus regarding this subject on several social media outlets.  We are currently developing a more long term plan to address owners concerns. This will include the removal of invasive grasses such as: Bermuda or wire grass as well as zoysia.  These were planted many years ago in high traffic areas but have spread and do not green up a quickly as the fescues. We are investigating organic fertilizers as well to offset chemical run off, but please understand that we currently only treat twice yearly down from four times annually.  This change was done back in 2012. We are working off a rather large list so please be patient as we move through the property. We are trying to handle these areas prior to the hot summer weather and may reach out to residents to volunteer as with the tree program to help with the watering.

–  Please take into account that many areas that are adjacent to sideways and drives where the new water main work was completed over the last year.  These areas will be restored by Virginia American Water and we will not address our immediate work until this is accomplished as they will be doing further sidewalk and curbing excavations prior to the planned repaving of Gunston Road, Martha Custis Drive and MT. Eagle Place.

–  Curb appeal issues:  As we mention the turf issues above we again ask all residents to review their immediate areas. Are they tidy? Are they overgrown? Be a good neighbor and follow our by-laws regarding patios, stoops and outside storage. Ask your neighbor who may no longer be able to care for their areas if they need help.  A simple hand can go a long way.

As always if you see something that concerns you or know of an area(s) that needs attention, please contact the office at 703.998.6315 or submit at request: https://parkfairfax.org/services/work-order-requests/


April Landscape Update Photo 1 April Landscape Update Photo 2 April Landscape Update Photo 3


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