Roofs Underlayment/Attics Engineer Assessment
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Parkfairfax retained Walker Consultants services to perform a condition assessment of the 285 terracotta roofs in November 2022. In December, Walker prepared a report regarding their findings and recommendations for the global roof assessment, which categorized 20 of the roofs as High Priority and recommended that these 20 roofs be the first to be replaced as a global project.

In October 2023, Parkfairfax asked Walker to access the attic spaces of six of the units of the 20 High Priority buildings to assess the condition of the underlayment roof structures. From the six buildings, Walker was to select two as a part of the roof replacement pilot project. The six buildings the Condominium selected for Walker to access the attic spaces were Buildings 305, 403, 510, 827, 849, and 953.

Walker’s recommendation was that the two buildings that should be considered for the roof replacement mock-up work are Buildings 849 and 953. Click here to view the full report and pictures in Appendix A:

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